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MacGyver everyday, can you handle it?

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Hi and welcome to macgyver_daily. This is a new _daily community devoted entirely to Richard Dean Anderson as the much-loved MacGyver. Although the series is over we can still love him by having picture posts of him every day.

I hope most of you know this is a _daily community which means it is strictly an image only place. Now remember folks this is MacGyver not Jack (although we all love Jack :)) I will however accept promo shots or just nice shots of RDA during the MacGyver years say relating to some of the movies he did since it was all around the same time.

Now I want to mention that photos should go behind an lj-cut. If you are not sure how to do this check out the FAQ section of livejournal for help.

Now please do not direct link to anyone's sites. It is hard on everyone's bandwidth and well just mean in general. If you need a host site there is a great site called Photobucket

I will be doing my own capping but any members are free to make their own posts. Everyone is free to use the pictures as they see fit just please realise that it takes me a lot of time and effort to make these caps so please do not claim them as your own, save them to your own servers and credit would be lovely to me jj_blue or the community itself macgyver_daily.(not necessary, just nice) THANKS! :)

moderator: jj_blue

Feel free to save this to your own server and to show support for macgyver_daily thanks :)
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